Cyso: Multi-cloud Web Application Cyber Security

We strongly believe in a cloud-neutral strategy. Focus on application delivery that uses technology that can run in any cloud and stay away from cloud lock-in.

With COVID-19 as an accelerator, the pace in which we are dependent on internet platform availability is speeding up. Container and microservices adoption are growing and cyber security risks and attack vectors are not far behind.

A modern approach to secure webservices is a distributed, software defined, scalable approach.

We use a combination of scalable opensource tooling with application delivery controller power where we need it. This is combined with an ML engine to create a flexible, transparent, developer and CISO friendly solution.

Traditional web application firewalls are either a blackbox or an incident-event generating nightmare. How do you maintain security and be ready for constant updates without constant tuning against false positives and negatives?

We’ll discuss mod security, application delivery controllers, distributed detection and mitigation and elastic search.

Tjebbe de Winter
Customer Transformation Spotlight
Date & Time
Monday, November 9, 2020, 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM