A10 Transcend 2020

EMEA Agenda

9:00 AMCETA Community on the Rise – Perspectives from Dhrupad Trivedi, CEO of A10 NetworksKeynote
9:30 AMCETTechnology Roundtable: A Glimpse into A10’s Future Vision and Roadmap – Cloud, 5G and SecurityInnovation Panel
10:00 AMCETFireside Chat with WWT Executive Partner Innovation
10:00 AMCETFlexential: The Role of Load Balancing at the EdgeCustomer Transformation Spotlight
10:00 AMCETApplication Traffic Visibility Using Native Prometheus Exporter on ACOSA10 Tips & Tricks
10:30 AMCET*** Stretch Break *** 
11:00 AMCETT-Systems International: Multi-cloud Connectivity PlatformCustomer Transformation Spotlight
11:00 AMCETCritical Solutions: A10 Secure Application Services and Product Portfolio OverviewA10 Core Solutions
11:00 AMCETNetwork Automation Tips for Container Environments Using TerraformA10 Tips & Tricks
11:30 AMCETA10 Operational Smarts for DevOps in an App-Centric, Multi-cloud WorldDevOps Deep Dive
11:30 AMCETAdvancing the Service Provider Edge: 5G, CGNAT, and SecurityA10 Core Solutions
11:30 AMCETBidtellect: Overcoming Growth and Design Challenges within Ad TechnologyCustomer Transformation Spotlight
11:30 AMCETStopping DDoS Attacks with AI/ML-Powered ZAPR in Real-TimeA10 Tips & Tricks
12:00 PMCETPolynimbus Policy Enforcement and Control in Multi-cloud DeploymentsA10 Tips & Tricks
12:00 PMCETA10 Powered by Dell Partner Innovation
12:30 PMCET*** Stretch Break *** 
1:00 PMCETSecure DNS with DNS over HTTPS and Service ChainingA10 Tips & Tricks
1:00 PMCETCyso: Multi-cloud Web Application Cyber SecurityCustomer Transformation Spotlight
1:00 PMCETModern DDoS Defense: Automation and AI/MLA10 Core Solutions
1:00 PMCETNetwork Automation 101DevOps Deep Dive
1:30 PMCETDeployment Tips for SSL Insight with Virtual WireA10 Tips & Tricks
1:30 PMCETThe Future Workplace: Adapting to New Operational and Leadership Models  
1:30 PMCETNEC: Collaboration with A10 Networks for 5G Ready Secure TransportPartner Innovation
2:00 PMCETConversation with Captain Scott Kelly: A Pioneering and Courageous Journey in SpaceKeynote
9:00 AMCETCloud and DevOps Trends to Drive Successful Digital TransformationIndustry Analyst
9:30 AMCETInside the Attackers Toolkit: Malware and DDoS Threat Trends You Need to KnowA10 Security Research
10:00 AMCETImplementing Better Zero Trust SSL/TLS DecryptionA10 Core Solutions
10:00 AMCETING Bank: Build a Fail Proof, Resilient Infrastructure for Denial of Service Attacks Customer Transformation Spotlight
10:00 AMCETCGN/GiFW Software Scaleout in a Container ClusterA10 Tips & Tricks
10:00 AMCETTech Talk with HashiCorpPartner Innovation
10:30 AMCET*** Stretch Break *** 
11:00 AMCETEvery Millisecond Counts: From Gaming to Trading, Even 1ms is the Difference Between Winning and Losing Partner Innovation
11:00 AMCETThunder ADC Container Deployment in 5 MinutesA10 Tips & Tricks
11:00 AMCETTech Talk with OPSWATPartner Innovation
11:30 AMCETHybrid Application Delivery Requires Polynimbus ServicesA10 Core Solutions
11:30 AMCETGetting Started with A10 Ansible and GithubDevOps Deep Dive
11:30 AMCETCommunity Fibre: Acceleration of IPv6 Preparedness and the Transition From IPv4-IPv6 - A Service Provider PerspectiveCustomer Transformation Spotlight
12:00 PMCETMulti-cloud Application Service Network Automation Using DevOps ToolsA10 Tips & Tricks
12:00 PMCETEricsson: Securing a Better 5G Core Network Partner Innovation
12:00 PMCETKDDI: DDoS Attack Trends and KDDI's Protection System Development Towards Tokyo OlympicsCustomer Transformation Spotlight
12:30 PMCET*** Stretch Break *** 
1:00 PMCETFireside Chat with Makedonski Telekom: New Digital Era, Transform or DieCustomer Transformation Spotlight
1:00 PMCETBest practice for Simple SSL Insight Configuration with Harmony ControllerA10 Tips & Tricks
1:00 PMCETDevOps RoundtableDevOps Deep Dive
1:30 PMCETTech Talk with OraclePartner Innovation
1:30 PMCETAuto-provisioning HA vThunder in Oracle Cloud InfrastructureA10 Tips & Tricks
1:30 PMCETFireside Chat with Kindred France: Automated Application SecurityCustomer Transformation Spotlight
2:00 PMCETConversation with Lindsey Vonn - From Downhill Skiing Champion to Bridging the Gap in STEMKeynote